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Begginer Newborn 1:1 In Person Workshop


Image of Begginer Newborn 1:1 In Person Workshop

$100 retainer and $700 due the day before the mentoring session for a total of $800

This class is a 1:1 and geared toward someone just starting out in Newborn Photography. You will learn Basic posing, wrapping, and lighting techniques. This class is not for intermediate or advanced as we will not be covering the more difficult poses.

This class is Open to locals as well as non-locals .

What's included:

*Studio lighting
*Prepping for a Session
*Parent posing
*Workflow and posing
*Soothing techniques
* E workshop
* Portfolio building
*Open book ask me anything
* view my contract and questionnaire that I send clients
* View my inquiry email that I send clients

Continued Education

The learning doesn't stop there, you will be added to a Secret Facebook group to gain access to:

*Extra Posing videos and tips (as they become available)

*Coupons and discounts on other products or workshops

* A community of photographers eager to learn and give advice.

In person, Mentoring Session located at my studio in Brighton CO.

You will spend about 4-6 hours with me. You will be able to assist with 1 full newborn session from start to finish. I believe it is important to see everything from start to finish rather than have many models come in because in real life you are not going to be able to switch out babies. You have to be able to make the most of every session.


Must know how to use your camera in full manual including ISO, Shutter speed, and aperture. Beginner camera settings will not be taught you must know how to navigate your camera.

Please contact me with any questions you may have jessicaarellinphotography@yahoo.com